Friday, March 14, 2008

Rocktown Documentary Receives Grant Funding from Valley Arts Council

Paper City Films just received notice that we've been awarded a grant from the Arts Council of the Valley to help with the post-production of the Rocktown documentary! The grant will help with costs associated with taking the now 45+ hours of tape we have and editing it down to a 90 to 120 minute documentary.

As part of the grant application, we wrote, "But where do Harrisonburg's citizens stand in relation to all these changes? What is lost and what is gained? Who stands to benefit and who to lose? These are the questions posed by Rocktown: From the Small Town to the Bog Box. I believe they are important questions for a community to collectively ask and that the conversation should include as many diverse voices as possible. It is my sense that in Harrisonburg, and in every city experiencing these same forces, this conversation happens privately, among neighbors, friends and coworkers who feel powerless amidst these changes and view them as a foregone conclusion. I would like to offer this film to the community I grew up in as a way to start a more public, policy and planning oriented dialog in the city about whether Harrisonburg is transforming into a community its citizens want to live in or whether they have concerns about its development and growth."

Thanks to the Valley Arts Council of Virgina for supporting emerging, independent artists.

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